Teacher’s day Celebrations

Teachers’ Day at Indian School Ibri was celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal on the 5th of September 2019. The programme started with Guru Vandana followed by the welcome speech of Master. Abdul Raffey, of class XI. Next, Principal, Mr. V.S. Suresh, wished all the teachers a happy teachers’ day and also appreciated the teachers for their selfless efforts and dedication in moulding the students by imparting knowledge. He exhorted the students to focus on their responsibilities and remain grateful to their parents and teachers. He further asserted that teaching is the only profession where the teachers deal with the minds. Finally, he reminded the students that google guru could give them information but a teacher alone can teach moral values and guide them well. He also felicitated the teachers by giving them gifts. Enthusiasm and festivity marked the celebrations at Indian School Ibri. The cultural programme organized by the students was a befitting tribute to the teachers. The dance performance and songs of the senior students on this memorable day, radiated the warmth and affection. The Senior students arranged games for teachers; they played the role of teachers and handled classes for the juniors. The children and the teachers relished every moment watching the seniors. The students thanked their teachers for the guidance and affectionate approach towards their carriers. Atul Tom Mathew, of class X proposed the vote of thanks. The entire programme was compered by Munshiya and Lojain. Later, as a part of tribute to their teachers, the senior students acted the role of teachers and engaged the classes as student teachers. Evening, the school organized a get together in which the School Staff & Family along with SMC and family had a fun time with various games and entertainment programmes.