Principal’s Message

Education must enable one to lift the mind from blind alleys. It must teach them to dispel error and discover truth and should create a favourable attitude in them for positive changes in life. As Culture is the sum total of the behaviour pattern of a group and Education is the process by which an individual modifies his behaviour, there exists an intimate relation between culture and education. New patterns of culture should be evolved so as to ensure the good of all rather than the good of the majority. This is possible only when the entire stakeholders of our education system open their minds to admit liberal ideas that elevate them to an enlightened plane.

Indian School Ibri, envisages an education pattern, to provide such a holistic training well intend to prepare each one to be the part of a potentially elevated socio, economic and cultural progressive society. Started at 1989, the institution has travelled a long period to cater the basic requirement of fulfilling the academic enrichment of the expatriate community in Ibri functioning without compromising in the moral development as well. It always strives its maximum to develop such capacities in its educands to enable them to control their environment and thereby fulfilling their possibilities.

Considering the basic parameters of learner’s aptitude, attitude, interest, intelligence, etc., school provides various educational programmes to assist them develop the physical, mental, emotional, moral and spiritual qualities.

Being a community school under the aegis of Board of Directors, it’s always a rejoicing fact that the ever supportive Parents, enthusiastic School Management Committee in its encouragement and administrative assistance along with the continuous source of motivation from the side of Board of Directors play a vital role in the success of the institution in the multifaceted arena.

It is with immense pleasure I welcome you to this ‘window’ of our Institution wherein you may able to imbibe a glimpse about the school. You are always invited to be the part of our strive to Serve Humanity.

With Best Wishes,

Mr.V.S. Suresh
Indian School Ibri