The CBSE Oman Cluster Chess Tournament was hosted by Indian School, Ibri on the 8th of October 2019. Nearly 300 students from 13 different schools in Oman including 28 students from the host school had participated in Under 11, Under 14, Under 17 and Under 19 Categories. To begin all the participants assembled in the school auditorium along with their coaches & Mr. Biju Dasan (Indian School Ibri), the Arbitrator, Principal, Mr. V.S. Suresh, extended a warm welcome to all the participants of the CBSE Oman Cluster Chess Tournament. During his speech, he spoke on the significance of the chess game and praised all the participants for their efforts they had put into the game. Further, he encouraged the students by honouring them as the future grand masters and declared the CBSE Oman Cluster Chess tournament opened. Mstr. Gowri Shankar (Sports Captain – Boy) proposed vote of thanks for the session.

According to the itinerary the games commenced for boys and girls teams under 11, under 14, under 17 and under 19 categories. For boys under 11 category, Indian School Muscat won the first prize; Indian School Al Ghubra and Indian school Salalah won the second and third prizes respectively. For girls Under 11 category Indian School Muscat, Indian School Al-Ghubra and Indian School Buraimi bagged the first, second and third positions respectively.

For boys under 14 category Indian School Al-Ghubra secured the first prize, Indian School Muscat and Indian School Salalah won the second and third prizes respectively. For girls under 14 category Al-Ghubra secured the first position, Indian school Muscat and Indian School Wadi-Kabir secured the second and third positions respectively.

For boys under 17 category Indian School Wadikabir bagged the first position, Indian School Muscat and Indian School Al Seeb won the second and third positions respectively. For girls under 17 category Indian School Wadi Kabir secured the first place, Indian School Muscat and Indian School Sohar secured the second and third positions respectively.

For boys under 19 category Indian School Al-Ghubra won the first position, Indian School Muscat and Indian School Darsait won the second and third positions respectively. For girls under 19 category Indian School Muladha won the first place, Indian school Wadi-Kabir and Indian School Sohar won the second and third places respectively.

His Excellency Munu Mahawar, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman inaugurated  the “Pearl jubilee blocks” of Indian School Ibri  on 8th of August 2019, with grandeur and excitement, in the school auditorium. The school has passed 30 eventful years. His Excellency Munu Mahawar, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman, graced the occasion as the chief guest. The guest of honour was Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, Chairman, Board of Directors, Indian Schools in the Sultanate of Oman.  The chief guest and the other dignitaries were given a red carpet welcome at the entrance by the School Management Committee, Principal, staff and students, followed by the guard of honour, by the student council led by the Head Boy Master Abhijay Anoop and the Head Girl Ms. Lincy Macedo.

Mr. Anuj Swarup, third secretary, political and information Embassy of India. Mr. M.P. Vinoba, Educational Advisor, BOD, Dr. Alex C. Joseph, the Head of Academics, BoD, former SMC presidents Dr. R.R. Nair,   Mr. T.S. Daniel, former office bearers of SMC,  Mr. Sambaji, Mr. Basheer and Mrs. Sandhya Vijayan, Land lords: Mr. Abdul Nasser Al Hinai & Mr Abdul Sallam Al Hinai , Principals from other Indian Schools: Dr. Rajive Kumar Chauhan, Mr. S I Shareef & Mr. Rakesh Kumar T, President Dr. Thomas Varghese and other members of the SMC, Principal V. S. Suresh, teachers, parents and students were there to grace the occasion.

The chief guest unveiled the foundation stone, at the school entrance followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony of “Pearl jubilee Block A”  which is comprised of  a spacious school lobby, office extension  and a classy conference room. “Pearl Jubilee Block B” is comprised of a two storey building with eight spacious classrooms and three Science laboratories. In order to develop scientific approach among the students the school has large well equipped laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology with ultra modern facilities. There is a well furnished staffroom with individual cubicle for teachers.

The auspicious event commenced with the Royal anthem followed by national anthem of India. The President of the SMC, Dr. Thomas Varghese, extended a warm welcome to everyone. During his speech, he reminisced how the school had grown in leaps and bounds from its infancy to what it is today. He also thanked everyone for their contributions for the development of the school at various levels.

The chief guest lighted the traditional lamp followed by the digital inauguration of the pearl jubilee blocks. A multimedia presentation was showcased in front of the august gathering depicting the highlights of school’s 30 years of long journey. In his inaugural speech the chief guest appreciated the development of the school in thirty years. He also commended the school as being an instrument in promoting a bond of friendship between Indians and other communities. He also insisted everyone to work together in smooth functioning of the school in academics and non academics. The guest of honour extended his warm wishes to the chief guest and other dignitaries, he highlighted the growth of the school during its thirty years of existence ; its achievements, infrastructure, resources and impact on the local community. He ensured that the infrastructure will be made use for the betterment of the students. He thanked the president of the SMC and other committee members for their efforts in making their dreams into reality. He wished the school to shine bright and transform lives. The students showcased a variety of dances and songs encapsulating Indian culture and patriotism. Their moves enraptured the audience.

Mr. V. S. Suresh, the Principal, proposed the vote of thanks. The programme culminated by the school anthem along with lots of fond memories.

Indian School Ibri conducted its Graduation Ceremony on the 31st of January 2019 for the students of grade XII who are to appear in the forthcoming CBSE Board examination in March. The solemn programme was held in the School Auditorium in front of the august gathering. Mr. M.P. Vinoba, Senior principal, Educational Advisor, Board of Directors, Indian schools in Oman graced the occasion as the chief guest. Dr. Thomas Varghese, the president of the SMC, Principal, Mr. V.S. Suresh, Convenor of SMC, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Treasurer, Mr. Firoz Hussain, Other SMC members, Mr. Jamal Hassan & Dr. Vjiay Shanmugham, former SMC Presidents, Mr. Abdul Gafoor Quadri, Mr. T.S. Daniel, former office bearers of SMC, Mr. Basheer, Mrs. Sandhya Vijayan, the Parents of out going batch, Staff and representatives from other Indian Schools were present to witness and cherish the occasion.

The class XII students were adorned with their graduation robes and caps. The event began with the prayer song by the school choir followed by the ceremonial lamp lighting by the Chief Guest, President and the principal. Mr. Sunny Mathew, Senior Academic Supervisor delivered the welcome speech. Next, Dr. Thomas Varghese, the president of the SMC congratulated the students for completing the course successfully and also thanked their parents for their support and guidance. He also extended his sincere thanks to the chief guest, the principal and the staff for their efforts and guidance. The chief guest felicitated the students with graduation hats, mementoes and certificates of graduation. This was followed by the administering of the oath by the Principal to class XII students to be truthful and righteous. The flame of knowledge was lit by the chief guest, which was handed over to the class teacher and the subject teachers of XII and passed on to the young budding graduates. The blessing song by the School choir during this occasion filled atmosphere with a serene feeling of bidding. The chief guest in his address congratulated the students on their successful completion of their schooling. He advised the students not to forget their parents who remained as a backbone in their lives and also their teachers for imparting their knowledge. Moreover, he urged the students that each one has a lot of potential inside them; one has to identify his potential and nurture it. Mr. V.S. Suresh, the principal, in his

message exhorted the students to have good thoughts. He further motivated them to have positive attitude and hard working nature in order to aspire for a bright future.

Mrs Mahanaz Naimi, Academic supervisor Kindergarten section advised the students to have dreams and goals in their lives. To achieve goals one must have discipline and consistency. Ms. Maham and Ms. Catherine grace of class XII enumerated their reflections in an extremely heart throbbing manner. Ms. Neha Muhammed Rafi, the Head girl proposed the vote of thanks. The programme ended up with the national anthem

Indian School Ibri organized a two day general exhibition ‘Pradharshan 2019’ from the 25th of January 2019 to the 26th of January 2019.The chief guest Mr. Juma Nasser Abdullah Al Saadi, Director of Administrative Affairs Department of Ministry of Education graced the occasion. He cut the ribbon and declared the exhibition open. The event saw around many students exhibiting working models, charts, and still models that depict subjects ranging from English, Hindi, Science, Maths, Art, Craft, Malayalam, Computer Science, and Social Science. Students displayed many exhibits showcasing their scientific skills and creative thinking, through self designed working models and projects. The chief guest, was very keen to visit and observe all the items on display. He interacted with students who exuded confidence while explaining to him the various projects and activities that were on display. Dr. Thomas Varghese, the president of SMC, felicitated the chief guest with a memento. The most interesting exhibits in the Science Department was the science Dinosaur Park, solar System, sources of water, front loading washing machine, hand pump, lava lamp, juice vending machine, Hydraulic elevator, hydraulic lift ,bubble machine, magic with chemistry such as smoke without fire, weather predicting ,juice with flower, magical ink and blood from lemon displayed the creativity of the students. The Mathematical Department of Indian School Ibri, exhibited a variety of amazing models, charts, games and puzzles based on mathematical concepts, ATM machine, Hydraulic bridge. The highlight of the exhibited model was the statue of unity built in dedication to the Iron man Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s statue was built based on the concept of congruence. The English Department displayed a lot of creative works such as posters, tourist brochures and tongue twisters; poems and grammar puzzles were well appreciated. The Hindi Department explored the works of Hindi poets, famous places and great personalities. The Malayalam Department exhibits had the essence of Kerala’s heritage and also displayed many charts of poets and working models based on the irrigation system of Kerala. The Social Science Department showcased the various projects and models. The working models included the multipurpose dams, rain water harvesting were highly informative. Models such as the statue of liberty, India Gate and ancient settlement which were put on display. The Computer Department displayed the applications of computers in various fields such as 3d video, wireless technology and Bluetooth. To reinforce their familiarity with theory, students of computer science showcased working models such as walking robot, flying Drone, JIBO speaking Robot and industrial robot type which caught the fancy of visitors. The Art and Craft Department was enriched with models of farm houses, Glass paintings, Hand-Made woven items, paper crafts, mosaic art and thread works etc. Pencil-Holders, Flower vases, Dolls, Nests, Collage made out of waste materials, crochet work, embroidery work, Hangings and Photographs by the students were highly appreciated. The Antique Club exhibited Omani models such as mabkr, khanjar, jahla, moshba, bukhur, mukla tobg and jabe. Indian antique such as Chaniya Choli, Rajasthani art and ornaments, natraj statue, Bharatnatyam ornaments, dhapli and Thanjavur Doll, kindi para, kerala boat, Bharatnatyam ornaments , old coins and Egypt Pyramid etc. The Eco Club presented a replica of a Kitchen Garden along with a few Ornamental plants. Different species of plants with beautiful flowers and fruits were on display. Pet animals such as cat, rabbit, tortoise, birds and ornamental fish were displayed to motivate the students that animals too have a sharein God’s creation and to treat them well. The Music and Dance Department displayed photos on various dance steps, Bharatanatiyam costume, musical instruments such as:the guitar, the flute, the tabala, the Dholak, the African Congo, double congo and the violin . Besides, poem recitation, English speech, Instrumental music, folk songs, light music, and dances were held to showcase the hidden talents of our students. The audience was captivated at the performance: great achievements from minds so young.The Arabic Department showcased rich cultural and traditional aspects of beautiful Oman and its friendly people. Models based on Mecca, House models and information based on Arabic books were awesome. The Physical Education Department displayed models on Synthetic track, Cricket stadium, Football stadium, Basketball stadium and sports equipment was truly a feast for the eyes. Moreover, games such as free shoot kid, free shoot basketball, back kick football and ring throws were held to rejuvenate the students. Our Kindergarten children poured out their creativity and talent, they made many attractive group models and individual models and some students demonstrated the things they made. It has improved their leadership ability and self confident. The most attractive model which glued the eyes of parents was the iron man Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s statue which was made out of thermocol. The scintillating work by the students from all departments enthralled the visitors and was widely appreciated by the entire community including the parents, teachers and the students.

The 30th Annual Sports Meet of Indian School Ibri

The 30th Annual Athletic Meet & P.T. Display was conducted at Indian School Ibri on Saturday the 15th December 2018 on the school campus with much grandeur and excitement. The program began with the Royal Anthem of Oman and the national Anthem of India which was followed by prayer song performed by the school choir.

Mr. Prabhakar V Tijare, Director in charge of Indian School Ibri, Board of Directors, Indian Schools in the Sultanate of Oman was the Chief Guest. He was given a red carpet welcome at the school entrance by the members of the school Management Committee, the principal, the staff and the students and it was followed by guard of honour by the student council led by the head boy Mast. Ajzal Sharaf and the head girl Ms.Neha Muhammed Rafi. The chief guest hoisted the school sports flag and declared the 30th Annual Athletic Meet & P.T. Display open by releasing the doves, to mark the expression of peace and joy all around. The chief guest stressed on the importance of students taking part in sports. He further advised the parents to allow their children to play for an hour every day in order to become well equipped in all round activities. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. V.S. Suresh, the Principal, expressed his deepest gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, for his generosity. He also urged the students to take part in extracurricular activities in order to become a winner of confidence in all fields. He thanked the SMC, Board of Directors, Teachers and Administration staff and parents for their relentless support and cooperation. The presence of Dr.Thomas Varghese, president of the school management committee, the Convener Mr. Unnikrishnan, Other members of SMC, Dr. Vijay Shanmugam & Dr. Suresh Balakrishnan, former presidents Mr. T.S. Daniel & Mr. Abdul Gafoor Quadri, the other former committee members and a large number of parents added colour to the occasion.

Later, chief guest inaugurated school’s newly built Basket Ball Court with pavilion and Kid’s Play Area. The Students, Parents & Teachers were in great joy & jubilation of getting full filled their long cherished wish. Immediately after the inauguration, a friendly match was organized by the participation of SMC, Parents, Teachers & Students.

The energetic and magnificent display of March past by the students of four houses Blue, Green, Yellow and Red enthralled the guests. The Head boy administered the oath which instilled a feeling of camaraderie among the

participants. The sports Torch was carried by the head boy and the Head girl of the school and passed on to the captains of four houses and to the proud athletes of the school. The grand mix of sports were conducted in the true spirit of sportsmanship. The colourful mass drill performed by the senior and the primary students enthralled the audience. The drill enlivened the atmosphere. The audience were enraptured to see the drill of the students of the four houses. The Aerobic dance, Lezim dance, Aeroyogic display and pyramid formation added charm to the occasion. The Parent events such as Tug of war, track events and musical chair added to the excitement with almost all the parents exhibiting a tremendous amount of zeal and courage to fight to the finish amid cheers from their children. Medals aren’t really made of gold; they are made of sweat and determination. The much awaited moment of the day, Prize Distribution ceremony was conducted with excitement everywhere. It was evident that the students worked hard and gave their best in all the sports events.

The chief guest congratulated the winners and gave away the prizes. The Yellow house clinched the overall championship trophy, the Runner up trophy by the Red House. In the marching event, Blue House won the first position, Green House won the second position.

Mr. Kurian Thomas, senior activity coordinator, proposed the vote of thanks. The events culminated with lowering of the school flag.


Indian School Ibri celebrated 48th National Day on18th November 2018, with pride and festivity under the visionary leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

School Organized a Loyalty & Gratitude March in the evening on this auspicious occasion. The chief guest His Excellency Abdul Naser Bin Saif Al Hinai, Director of Training, presided over the function, besides President of the SMC, Dr. Thomas Varghese, Principal, V.S. Suresh, other guests: Dr. Nasser Abdullah Al Shukili, Hospital Director (Ibri Hospital), Mr. Abdulhadi Sif Al Hinai, Dr. Ibrahim Al Shukili (Ibri Hospital), Mr. Nabil Al Busaidi (Ibri Hospital), Founder President of SMC, Dr. R.R. Nair, Former Treasurer of SMC, Mr. Basheer, Dr. Raju Abraham, Convenor of SMC, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Treasurer of SMC, Mr. Firoz Hussain, SMC members, Mr. Jamal Hassan, Dr. Vijay Shanmugham, Dr. Suresh Balakrishnan, staff, large number of parents and students & Community members actively participated. They expressed their loyalty and belonging to the Sultanate of Oman and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. During the marching, the students carried out the portraits of the great leader raised their slogans praising His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. Teachers and students came to school wearing colours that resembled the Omani flag in celebration of the special day. The long march went on from the School to Al Akdher round about and back to school.

A special assembly was conducted in the morning. Ms. Sanofer, member of English faculty, spoke on the importance of Oman from the past to the present. She thanked His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said who has been a guiding light of Oman’s prosperity in all walks of life and a special power point presentation that showcased Oman’s past glories and present marvels was screened in the auditorium. The spirit of patriotism and the colour of celebration were in the air as the students displayed the traditional omani culture by singing Arabic songs praising His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and Oman. The Programme culminated with singing of the royal anthem followed by the national anthem.

Drama is a strong medium of communication. In order to develop dramatic skills and promote acting ability among students, Indian School Ibri, organised an Inter House Drama Competition in the school auditorium on the 15th of November 2018.The students were exceptionally committed and put many hours of rehearsal time, listening to feedback from their teachers. The event was judged by Mr. Sunny Mathew and MS. Renjitha. The first place was bagged by the Green House; the second place was shared by the Blue House and the third place by the Red House. Mr. Suresh, the Principal, congratulated the winners. The students demonstrated their vast variety of latent talents which were nurtured and encouraged by the school. Inter House Dramatics has always been the most exhilarating and electrifying event of the school. Each year the four houses showcase their superior exhibition of language, expression, skill, performance, and flamboyance. All the four houses are to be appreciated on their sensational use of costumes, audio and stage presence.

The Investiture Ceremony is a platform for the leaders of the school to sworn in to the school council and is one of the prestigious ceremonies of the school events. The investiture ceremony of Indian School Ibri 2018-2019 was held on 19th of April 2018 in the school auditorium. The programme began by the ceremonial march past of the office bearers of the student council. The Chief guest of the Programme was Mr. Firoz Hussain, Treasurer, School Management Committee. The Members of School Management Committee: Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Mr. Jamal Hassan, Dr. Suresh Balakrishnan & Dr. Vijay Shanmugam along with the Principal Mr. V.S. Suresh, Staff and Students also graced the occasion.

The Principal, congratulated the members of the student council for being elected by the council and appreciated their interest in taking up the responsibility. He continued by saying that “Leadership is certainly a set of skills that can be learned by training, practice and experience over time”. Next, the chief guest in his short address extended his best wishes to all the elected and selected leaders of the student council and advised them to become good leaders.

The chief guest administered badges of honour to the Head boy, Mast. Ajsal Sharaf; Mr. Dinesh Kumar, member of the SMC to the Head girl Ms. Neha Mohammed Rafi; Mr. Jamal Hassan member of SMC handed over the school flag to them; Dr. Suresh Balakrishnan member of SMC to deputy head boy Mast. Sifaan Ali; Dr. Vijay Shanmugham member of the SMC to the deputy head girl Ms. Gwen Abigail D’ Souza; Mr. Sunny Mathew the Academic Co ordinator to Sports Captain Boy Mast. Mohammed Jaseem and Mr. Kurian Thomas, the Activity Coordinator to the sports Captain Girl Ms. R.M. Werandani. Followed by this, the prefects and the vice prefects of the four houses were conferred with their sashes badges and flags by their respective house masters and tutors.

Then, the office bearers of the student council took oath, which was administered by the principal. Ms. Soniya Joseph & Ms. Beena Cheruvath, members from the teaching faculty proposed the welcome and vote of thanks respectively. The entire programme was coordinated by Mr. Abdul Rahees and Mrs. Mincey Santhosh. The solemn ceremony came to an end with the singing of the national anthem.

The students and staff celebrated Hindi Divas on the 13th of September 2018, as a mark of acknowledgement of Hindi as a national language of India. Mr.Tripathi, a senior teacher emphasized that we should be proud of our national language and should learn to speak in Public domain without any hesitation. Next, Mr. Suresh, the Principal, spoke on the importance of Hindi as a national language and exhorted the students to learn Hindi. As a part of celebrations various competitions were organized and the principal gave away prizes to the winners. A special assembly in Hindi was conducted as an honour to the Hindi Language. Over all it was a fun filled day which inculcated values of deep respect and appreciation for one of the old Indian languages.

Indian School Ibri celebrated the 72nd Independence Day on the 15th of August 2018, with great enthusiasm and fervour. The programme began at 8AM in the school auditorium. The chief guest Dr. Thomas Varghese, President of the SMC as well as the other SMC members graced the occasion. The programme started with a prayer song followed by the welcome speech of the Blue House Prefect Master Abhijay. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the National Anthem was sung expressing the joy of our freedom. The March Past by the senior students was the highlight of the day.

The chief guest in his address urged the students to bring freedom and opportunity to the common man, to the peasants and workers of India; to fight to ending of poverty and ignorance and disease; to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive India. Next, the Principal Mr. Suresh extended a warm welcome to the parents, teachers and students and expressed his Independence Day wishes. During his speech, he expounded on the great freedom fighters who struggled and sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country and also explained how India has progressed in the field of science and technology and enriched herself with nuclear weapons. He insisted on the students to work hard in order to rise up our nation to greater heights. He exhorted the students to join the ‘Young Communitarians of Indian Schools’ to inculcate human values in the young minds to love and serve humanity. The chief guest launched the YCIS programme. Our President of India Ram Nath Kovind’s speech was screened to keep alive the flame of patriotism; students showed love for their motherland with a mélange of patriotic songs and dances. A blood donation camp also was organized in the School, in association with The Ministry of Health to commemorate the 72nd Independence Day. The drive was so encouraging by the participation of many parents , teachers and students to donate blood for a noble cause.

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