Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman is the apex policymaking body for all the Indian Schools in the Sultanate. Currently, the Board governs 21 Indian Schools, with more than 46,000 students on the rolls.

The Board, empowered by the Byelaws approved by the Ministry of Education of Oman, establishes Indian Schools to impart education to the students of the Indian community residing in Oman. The primary objective of Board of Directors is to ensure that no Indian expatriate child in the Sultanate of Oman is denied the opportunity of qualitative primary and secondary education at par with the national standards in India. The schools function and operate as non-political, secular, non-profitmaking and self-sustaining institutions solely with an aim of serving the educational needs of Indian diaspora.

Board of Directors Official Page
1Dr. Sivakumar ManickamChairman
2Mr. Shameer. P.T.KVice Chairman
3Mrs. Ashwini Sachin SawrikarDirector Indian School Ibri
4Mr. Syed SalmanDirector Indian School Ibri