29th Annual Day Celebration

The 29th Annual Day Celebration of Indian School Ibri was celebrated on Thursday, May 10, 2018 in the school auditorium with enthusiasm and great Jubilation and the theme of the celebration was “A Journey Towards Incredible India”.

Mr. Hakam Salim Hakam Al Farsi, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Education-planning, Development of Human Resource & IT, presided over the function as the chief guest. Mr. Mohammad S R Faizi and Mr. Prabhakar Tijare, Directors in charge of Indian School Ibri, BoD, Indian Schools in Oman, were the guests of honour. Mr.Vinoba, Senior Principal cum Eduational Advisor to the BoD was the special guest.

Ali Salah Al Khalbhani, member of Majlis Al Shurah, Manah salam Al Hinai, Senior supervisor of English Department, Sulaim Mathah Al Balushi, Manager of the sports complex, Ibri, Muhammad An Nukahili, Ministry of Health, Abdul Nasser Al Hinai, Ministry of Education, Khasim Muhammad Al Mukhbali, Incharge of Private schools, Mr. Shareef Ismail , Principal of Indian school Muladha, Mr. Shandam B. Dwivedi, Advisor Indian School Buraimi, Mr. Ahamed Koya P.T, SMC president of Indian School Buraimi, former Presidents of Indian School Ibri, Mr. Abdul Gafoor Quadri & Mr. T.S. Daniel; former SMC members, Dr. Raju Abraham and many other distinguished guests graced the occasion besides the president and members of the school management committee.

All dignitaries were given a warm reception at the school entrance by the President, Members of the SMC, the Principal, staff & students. The dignitaries were honoured by the prefects and the vice prefects led by the Head boy, Master Ajzal Sharaf and Head girl Ms. Neha Muhammed Rafi. They were then escorted to their seats with the accompaniment of school band as a token of love and appreciation, bouquets were presented to them. The auspicious event commenced with the royal anthem followed by national anthem of India.

Dr.Thomas Varghese, extended a warm welcome to everyone. During his welcome address, he highlighted the progress of the school, the quality of education imparted in the school and the efforts taken by the SMC to meet the growing strength of the school and the welfare of the staff and students. He also announced

the newly introduced “Yem Pee Vee’s award” for the best out going student of the school which carried a memento, cash prize and a certificate of excellence. This award is instituted by the Educational Advisor Mr. M.P. Vinoba as a tribute to his former school.

Mr.V.S. Suresh, Principal presented the Annual report focussing on the school’s achievements in the field of education and the selfless contribution made by teachers for the sake of students. He highlighted the achievements of the students in the Grade 12 and Grade 10 examinations conducted by the CBSE in March 2017. He thanked the teaching, the non-teaching staff and the parents for their unconditional dedication and support. He thanked Dr. Baby Sam Samuel, Chairman of the BoD, Dr. C.M. Najeeb, Vice chairman BoD and Mr. Vinoba M.P, senior Principal cum Educational Advisor for their valuable support & guidance. In addition, the Principal expressed his deepest gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, for his generosity. He also thanked the present President Dr. Thomas, former Presidents and all SMC members for their sincere efforts and contribution for the growth of the school. He acknowledged the immeasurable services done by Dr. R. R. Nair for the development of the school.

The Chief Guest thanked parents, students and teachers for inviting him for the function and wished the students a wonderful future ahead. He was followed by the guest of honour Mr. Mohammad S.R. Faizi, BoD, Indian Schools in Oman, who expressed his sincere gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and his government for their remarkable support to Indian Community schools over Oman in all their endeavours. He expressed that the ultimate goal of education is to ensure that every child is equipped with transformation learning and further added “ Life is like a marble and one should use the tool of mind to shape one’s life” . Next, Mr. Prabhakar Tijare, BoD, Indian Schools in Oman, appreciated Indians as a “peace loving people”. For many Indians, Oman is like a home away from home. He assured all the citizens of Oman that Indians would serve them better for the welfare of Oman. He expressed the three pillars of education are Parents, School Management and Board of Directors and also stressed that the main objective of education is to educate children. Finally, Mr.Vinoba, Senior Principal cum Educational Advisor, vehemently expressed that he had left the school physically but not mentally, as his heart lingers in Ibri and assured everyone his sincere support.

Multimedia presentations depicting the glimpses of ‘activities during the year 2017-18’ & ‘The Future Vision and Mission’ of the School were also presented in this occasion. The chief guest along with the guests of honour opened the newly constructed stage in the auditorium for the school with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The school Newsletter ‘Apogee’ was released by Mr. Vinoba, senior Principal cum Educational Advisor .

The award of Excellence, for the best outgoing student, instituted by Mr. M.P. Vinoba was received by Master Ashik Nazeer of class XII, Ashik is also the recipient of The Oman Al Khair Hospital Academic Excellence Award instituted by Dr. R. R. Nair, the founder and former president of the SMC for the top scorer in the CBSE XII exam. The Late Sri GaliKotiSwamy Academic Excellence Award instituted by Mr. Nehru Gali, the former treasurer of the SMC for the top scorers in the subjects Biology and Mathematics of class XII were awarded to Master. Ashik Nazeer, Master. Adarsh K.A and Ms. Nimi Nizar. The inter house quiz trophy for the year 2017-18 was bagged by the Green House. The quiz runner up trophy for the year 2017-18 was won by the Yellow House. The overall trophy for the year 2017-18 was lifted by Red House and the runners up trophy by Yellow House. The best Sport performer of the year 2017-18 was awarded to Master Gowri Shankar Manoj. The chief guest gave away the prizes to the CBSE toppers in grade XII & X and the Meritorious Service Awards to teachers and non teaching staff who had rendered 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of exemplary service to the school.

The chief Guest, the guests of honour and the other special guests were felicitated at the function.

The “Spectacle Extravaganza” filled with Giltz and Glam concert, brought colour to the event. The entire programme revolved around themes and concept of incredible India. In order to showcase the performance of the students and the choreography of the teachers, a musical extravaganza was presented. The tiny tots in their colourful costumes, graceful steps and angelic smiles enthralled and awestruck everyone. The Kerala dance, “Maria Pitache” dance, Fusion dance, Punjabi dance, Ghoomar, Semi Classical dance & Jugal Bandi dance reminded us that India is a land of unity in diversity and this was portrayed adeptly with the theme “A Journey Towards Incredible India”.

Mr. Unnikrishnan, member of the school management committee proposed the vote of thanks to the august gathering.