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Indian School Ibri students secured exemplary results once again topping the list in the CBSE grade XII, Examination 2023. A total of 21 students enrolled for the examination. Mast. Kishore Balaji Senthil Kumar with a phenomenal score of 96.8 percent has stood out in the group. The pride of place for the second position goes to Mast. Viswa Ravindren with a score of 95.6 percent the third position was taken by Miss. Alisha Bukhari, with 94.2 percent and the fourth position by Miss. Sofia Susan Thomas with 90.2 percent. The toppers in various subjects are : Chemistry Kishore Balaji Senthil Kumar (100); Informatics Practices Viswa Ravindren (99); English Alisha Bukhari (98); Physics Alisha Bukhari, Kishore Kumar Prsanna Venkatesh, Kishore Balaji Senthil Kumar and Viswa Ravindren (95); Mathematics Kishore Balaji Senthil Kumar (95); Biology Sofia Susan Thomas (93) The School Management committee, the Principal, Mr.Suresh, the vice principal Mr. Sunny Mathew, are extremely happy with the CBSE results this year. They applaud the students, parents and teachers for their wholehearted support and cooperation.

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Indian School Ibri’s star shines once again as Grade X students brought laurels yet again with 100 percent result in the AISSC Examination 2022-23. Shreehari Puthenveedu Sunilkumar topped first with 95.6 percent, followed by Jissica Jospeh Kamel Shafeek Kamel and Shaik Ayesha Fathima standing second with 94.2 percent. The third place went to Ahmed Saheer Bilal and Nivedya Makkalikkal Devadas with 93.8 percent, the fourth place to Thvisha Rajesh Acharya with 93.6 percent, the fifth place to Adithya V Suresh with 92.2 percent, the sixth place to Aimee Thomas with 91.8 percent and the seventh place to Pavithra Madhu with 91.4 percent. The 2023 class X batch has left no stone unturned to prove its grit and mettle and always showcased its best overcoming its shortfalls and continuously honing its skills. The toppers in various subjects are: Malayalam Shreehari Puthenveedu Sunilkumar (100); Mathematics Thvisha Rajesh Acharya (98); Social Science Thvisha Rajesh Acharya and Ahmed Shaheer Bilal (98); English Nandhana Jayaprakash (98); Science Jisicca Jospeh Kamel Shafeek Kamel (96); Hindi Nivedya Makkalikkal Devadas (93). The School Management Committee, the Principal, Mr. Suresh, and the Vice Principal, Mr. Sunny Mathew, congratulated both the students and the teachers for their herculean efforts.


BOD has extended a helping hand in reducing the stress, fear and emotional imbalances of students by initiating a tele-counselling service round the clock ie., 24/7/365. Those who are in need can avail this facility by contacting the counsellor through the no. PH. 90990444

Indian Schools in Oman, established by the Board of Directors aims primarily to educate the students of the Indian Community residing within sultanate of Oman. The Schools function and operate as non-political, secular, non-profit making and self-sustaining institutions.

Indian Schools in Oman, impart quality education to children of Indian diaspora and also to the children of other nationalities through 19 schools across Oman. Sincere thanks to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said and the Government of Oman for extending all the support for the establishment and smooth functioning of these schools in Oman.

All schools are governed and mentored by the fifteen member Board of Directors, collectively striving to provide quality education to over 37,000 students. Individual schools are further mentored by a group of Directors of the Board, who actively support, guide and monitor the functions of the institutions.

Board of Directors strives to provide affordable quality education aiming at the overall development of the children. Every effort is made by the Board of Directors to ensure that no Indian child is deprived of education for any reason, whatsoever. In order to provide the best to our children, Board of Directors continuously endeavour to improve the facilities in Indian Schools and also to expand the infrastructure.

Indian School Ibri is one of the institutions under the umbrella of the Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman.

Indian School Ibri was bestowed with “Ambassador’s Trophy for being the most improved Indian School in the Sultanate of Oman” in May 2009. I S Ibri is the first recipient of the prestigious trophy.

The school is primarily intended for Indian children . All children are expected to follow the curriculum prescribed by the School. Application for admission should be made on the prescribed form by parents or guardians who will be responsible to the Head of the school for the pupil’s conduct , punctuality , regular attendance , progress in school and payment of fees. 

A child must be three years , as on 31st March, before he/she is admitted to the Lower K.G. No child who has not completed five years will be considered for admission to Class I. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the successive classes.

A pupil may be given oral/written test at the time of admission. The decision of the school authorities regarding the entrance test shall be final. A pupil who joins the school for the first time must produce an official birth certificate and passport , in evidence of the date of birth to be entered in the admission form, photocopy of passport and two passport size photographs. A candidate coming from another school must produce a transfer certificate from the school last attended , duly countersigned by the educational officer of the area.

Application for withdrawal should be submitted in writing to the Principal of the School, atleast one month in advance of the date of leaving the school, or a month’s fees will be charged in lieu of notices.

Transfer certificate or any other certificate will be issued only if all school dues have been paid and the school property taken on loan, if any, has been returned.